Cellphones & Driving

The AA has compiled a few guidelines to help you break the habit:

Road crashes are not inevitable, they are preventable.

1. Use a hands-free device.
When you simply can’t be separated from your cell phone, use a hands-free
device. Best practice would be to rather not make the call.

2. Keep your cell phone out of reach.
Reduce the temptation to check in on Facebook or read your emails while
driving. Put your phone somewhere you can’t see it, like in your bag or in
the boot.

3. Switch off your phone.
Switch off, or set to ‘Silent’ and avoid the temptation to take a call or
read a text message. change your voicemail greeting to ” I can’t take your
call as I am driving”, or simply, record “Don’t answer!” as your ringtone
while driving as a reminder.

4. Keep both hands on the steering wheel.
Your hands should be on your steering wheel at all times when you are not
changing gears. Keep this in mind the next time you want to pick up your
cell phone while driving.