Dealing with Unknown Persons at your home

 It is vital that you confirm the identity of anyone who approaches you in official guise.

 Remember, identity cards and books can be and often are forged.

 It may be necessary to phone the relevant institution to confirm not only employment, but also their business on your premises.

 Do not use the telephone number they provide. The “legitimacy” of their business would merely be confirmed by accomplices. Look up the number in the directory or phone information, if you do not have it in your list of telephone numbers.

 As a matter of course, never trust anyone. It is better to err on the side of discretion. Most legitimate callers will fully understand and respect the precautions you are taking.

 When you feel it necessary to refuse entry to a caller, be firm. Do not allow them to manipulate you or play on your emotions. Allow them no space and certainly no entry.

 Should callers become abusive, it may be necessary to call the police or your Security supplier, especially if you suspect their business is not legitimate.

 Remember that by law certain people must be allowed access to your premises. One of these would be the meter reader. It may be a good idea to relocate the meter to a place where it is easily accessible, or failing that, have a specific routine for dealing with such people.

 Never open the door to a stranger. Install peepholes in all exterior doors so you can identify whoever is outside. Do not rely on a door safety chain or even a Security gate if one is fitted, because these can be penetrated. Rather ensure that no entry is gained into your property by means of a door bell, buzzer  or intercom fitted outside the perimeter