General Safety Tips

Round and about, please heed!

1. Please ensure that you have all relevant details regarding yourdomestic/gardener, i.e. copy of ID, proof of residence and contactable cellor tel numbers of family members or spouses.

2. If a criminal demands your wallet or purse, don’t hand it over, toss itaway from you.  He’d be more interested in getting the wallet, giving you achance to get away. Try to stay calm.

3. When getting into your car after shopping, don’t waste time talking onyour cell phone, you can do that later. Drive off, without giving someone achance to get into your car. Stay focused!

4. If an armed person has forced his way into your car, run the engine andspeed off into anything, rather wreck the car and hope that the airbag willprotect you, and jump out after impact.

5. When getting back to your car in a parking lot, always check insidefirst. Look behind the seats before unlocking.

6. Always take a lift instead of stairs, especially after dark. Poorly litstairwells could be dangerous places.

7. If a criminal has a gun and you are not under his control, always run, ina zig zag pattern if possible. There is only a 4 in 100 chance of being hit,and possibly not in a vital organ.

8. If you’re at home at night and you hear a baby crying near your frontdoor  or  a running tap do not open the door to inspect. Rather call yoursecurity company to investigate, it could be a tape recording to lure yououtside!