We have a dedicated investigations task team that deals with the investigation of crimes.  An undercover vehicle is used for undercover operations.  The team is involved with intelligence gathering and observing suspicious activities that have been reported.  We can attend to the tracking of stolen or hi-jacked vehicles.

With regards to serious incidents the investigator will attend these crime scenes and make sure that all relevant parties assist and attend.  An incidents docket will be opened and investigations will be done together with the detective on the case with regards to gathering of further information, retrieving footage and getting neighbors statements.

Our Investigations Division can also assist with:

  • Criminal Checks
  • Telephone/cell phone ownership
  • Tracing of a person
  • Marital Status
  • Vehicle license ownership/information
  • Final demand letter

The cost for each of the above is R630.00

Task Team / Investigations

  • Investigations & gathering of information on suspicious houses / premises in the area.
  • Investigation, tracking & gathering information on suspicious vehicles received in the Resident Association areas.
  • Testing of registration numbers of all vehicles reported or suspicious.
  • Identification of owners of suspicious houses / premises.
  • Surveillance on such houses / premises.
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Crime scene attendants.  Make sure all relevant parties assist and attend.
  • Incident docket will be opened & investigations will be done together with the detective on the case. Gathering of further information.  Retrieving footage. Neighbours statements.
  • Tracking of possible suspects.
  • Assist Honeydew Drug squad in processing of the arrests through the intel gathered.
  • Surveillance to be done on drug affected areas and selling points.
  • Assisting SAPS detectives on several cases. (Merc gang, Polo gang, )
  • Tracking of vehicles with Tracetec.
  • Assisting tracking companies if vehicle / vehicles are around our areas. Rentrack,Cartrack,Tracker & Netstar.
  • Patrolling Residents Association areas if undercover vehicle is needed. Observation for Snatch & Grabbers as well as school children robberies.
  • Gather intel on suspect – group operating in RA areas.
  • Intel on vehicles used for crime in Residential Association areas.