Key Bulletin

Key Bulletin

‘Key’ disciplines are essential for preventing access to even the most conscientiously secured premises.

Here are a few tips that will add to your security:

 ‘Key’ storage areas – It is important to establish a specific Key Storage Place (e.g. key hooks behind a kitchen cupboard) for all household keys.

 Family members should be disciplined to always leave all keys in this place.

 The Key Storage Place must be easily accessible to family members but inaccessible to outsiders and concealed from their view.

 Copies of all household keys should be kept in a central, well concealed Key Safe or secure storage place.

 Family ‘Key’ Disciplines – All keys must automatically be returned to their predetermined storage places directly after use. This will prevent searching for keys when guests arrive or in the event of an emergency.

 All in the household should be trained to keep all security doors locked at all times

 Do not leave keys in the locks of any doors while they are open or closed.

 Do not leave keys in a slam lock, it will be ineffective in an emergency if keys are left in the lock.

 Never mark your key ring with your address or any other personal particulars.

 File off any serial or code numbers on your keys – do not make it easy for someone to obtain a copy.

 When servicing your car, always remove your house keys from your key ring.

 When you go out, take only the most necessary keys with you. Leave any others safely stored at home.