Meaningful Monday Bulletin

  • Most vehicle robberies take place in driveways in the late afternoon or early evening at gunpoint. Ensure that your driveway is clear of surrounding vegetation so that there are no possible hideaway spots for suspects.
  • Suspects target victims at Traffic lights then rob them at gunpoint. Be alert of being followed when leaving home, work or a shopping center and always be vigilant of persons loitering nearby driveways when you need to enter. Stop parallel to the driveway while waiting for the gate to open, in this way; you cannot be blocked by a suspect’s motor vehicle.
  • Company vehicles are being targeted for their cargo. Talking on a cell phone is a distraction to all drivers. This opportunity is quickly exploited by suspects. Remain alert to your surroundings at all times
  • The” Silly Season “ is upon us, this is the unpaid for shopping season for criminals.
  • Be alert when at the ATM, make sure you are not being watched and that no one is close to you or offering to help .
  • Remote jamming is prevalent at pulbic parking areas, manually check that your vehicle is locked and all windows are closed.
  • Do not flaunt expensive jewelry in public.
  • Be sure that you are not being followed home when coming from the bank or shopping expeditions.
  • Keep handbags and other important items out of sight in the car to prevent smash and grab situations. Rather keep it in the boot.
  • A new trend of placing insulation tape over not only the gate sensor but external outdoor detectors to prevent it from operating correctly is a method of remaining undetected used by suspects prior to house robberies. This is not always easy to detect so extra vigilance in this regard is required.
  • Swing gates are being targeted and you are urged to install a magnetic-type lock as well as install proper and activated magnetic contacts to prevent the gate from being forced  to gain access

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