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Don’t Be A Victim Of a Driveway Robbery !

☻ When you are arriving or leaving your home, you are at one of your most vulnerable points of your journey.
☻ Unfortunately, driveway robbery is a reality of everyday life. Follow our basic safety tips on how to avoid a driveway robbery.

☻ Turn off your radio when you’re 2km from home so you can be more aware of your environment.
☻ Be familiar with your area; get to know the newspaper sellers on the corner, for example.
☻ Notice how people dress, if a “newspaper seller” or “hawker” is wearing overalls that seem new he might not be who he appears to be.

DO and DON’T:
☻ If a driveway robber confronts you put up your hands immediately, don’t try to grab your bag or cell phone: it may look like you’re reaching for a firearm.
☻ Stay calm, listen to the armed robber and obey commands.
☻ Don’t look the driveway robber in the eye.
☻ Don’t pretend not to have a bag or wallet. If the driveway robber finds out you’re lying he might hurt you in anger or out of frustration.
☻ Don’t throw your keys away. It will just make your attacker angry.
☻ If you lie face down outside the car he might not force you to get back in.

Regards and a wonderful (Crime free) week !
Louis GroblerS I P- Security in Practise”A Community anti crime initiative”
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