Needs And Solutions

What is your need as a Resident or Resident Association?

  • To make the area safer for the Community
  • To provide a professional Safety & Security support team to serve the Community – Both Re-Active and Pro-active
  • To provide added value to enhance the Security service
  • To enhance the look & feel of the area
  • To encourage Community spirit & togetherness
  • To increase property value

What is our solution for you?

  • To reduce crime
  • To provide a dedicated reaction service
  • To support families & victims of crime
  • To provide paramedic medical response to emergencies
  • To provide added value communication to the Community
  • To rid the area of the basic decay e.g: temporary signage, unwanted elements, un-kempt verges, etc

Our Value Proposition:

- Turnkey solution to Resident Associations

- Dedicated reaction service

- Independent patrols and area management

- Crime intelligence gathering & pro-active security initiatives

- Paramedic medical response

- Fire/Rescue response

- Communication methodology to residents

- CSS Cellphone Panic/Communications App

- Municipal reporting of utilities

CSS Armed Response

CSS Home Safety Package

- Tactical back-up response teams

- Paramedic Medical Response – (Own Medic & ER-24)

- Fire & Rescue – (our own Fire Rescue vehicle in association with Fire Ops SA)

- Crime & Incident Scene Management

- Pro-active Patrols - Crime Control & Visibility

- Investigation & Profiling of Crime in your Area

- Intelligence Gathering

- Area Utility Management (Monitoring & Reporting)

- Monitoring of Vagrants

- Reporting & Statistics

- Security Tips & Warnings to the community – Telegram broadcast group

Additional Products & Services:

- Alarm & Electric fence Monitoring & Armed Response

- Guarding Services

- Investigation services

- Technical - Security Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

- Home Security Surveys

- Crime/Incident facilitation guide

- Gate Buddy

- Cell phone panic app & two-way communication channel to report suspicious behavior, incidents, etc.

- CCTV Monitoring of Home CCTV Systems


Our Cell phone communication App is an interactive solution where one can

access emergency response, technical assistance, account queries, operations, etc.


Our App is managed through the Whatsapp platform so

immediate response directed to specific divisions can be achieved.


Products that we provide:

  • Cell phone panic – Static & Remote
  • Gate Buddy – Protects the residence’s main gate from breach & can provide some protection against driveway attacks either Hijacking or Home Invasions.
  • Alarms
  • Crime / Incident Facilitation Guide:  A brochure which allows the victims of crime to understand the process and provides all the contact details of authorities who would be required to activate trackers, cancel bank and credit cards etc.

products services4

products services3

3Rd Party Products & Services:

  • Ambulance & paramedic services – We are linked to a service provider who will give us immediate medical assistance.
  • Trellis gates – From a supplier at very good rates.
  • Window & Glass repairs and fitment – We have service providers who will assist with the replacing of broken windows in your home.
  • Locksmith - We have service providers that can assist with the replacing of locks.
  • Vehicle Tracker sales & recovery – We work with a service provider who will give excellent service and rates. We also assist in the tracking of vehicles and assets.

We offer security installations and maintenance (Alarms, Outdoor Beams, Gate Motors, Intercoms, CCTV and Electric Fence installations. Armed response to members of Resident’s Associations or our safety & security package.

2022 / 2023 Rates:

  • RA Area Monitoring fee – R295.00
  • Area & Armed Response – R575.00
  • Area & Armed Response – Pensioner – R390.00
    • Administration Fee: R 198.00 (Once off)
    • Annual ICASA Fee: R 195.00 (Every year March)
  • Area & Armed Response - Panic Only - R295
  • Safety Package - R155
  • Safety & Security Package - Fire and Medical ONLY - R45

2020 / 2021 Rates:

  • RA Area Monitoring fee – R285.00
  • Area & Armed Response – R545.00
  • Area & Armed Response – Pensioner – R370.00
  • Area & Armed Response - Panic Only - R295
  • Safety Package - R145

These prices exclude the contracted Residential Association Areas and Town House complexes we work with.

Community Support Services is your one-stop safety and security provider.