Products & Services that we provide:

  • Crime and Incident scene Management – We attend all serious and violent crime scenes within the dedicated area as well as any other incident requiring an intervention team. We try to ensure that the necessary professional services attend the scene e.g. call for SAPS, forensics, medical assistance, trauma counseling and will assist in contact relatives or friends where necessary.
  • Pro-active Crime Control & Visibility – We patrol the area in marked vehicles and monitor the vagrants, suspicious persons, and vehicles, photographic evidence of these, where possible, is maintained on our database and this information is communicated to the SAPS and relevant security services providers in the area.
  • Intelligence Gathering – We photograph and document suspicious activities, persons and vehicles to allow us to build a database of information where pro-active operations are initiated.
  • Investigation & Profiling of Crime in your area – Crime incidents are documented and information is gathered by our own investigator.
  • Area Utility Management – We monitor and report all damaged or non-functioning municipal utilities to ensure the area is well maintained.
  • Monitor & Control of Vagrants – We monitor your greenbelts and rid these areas of vagrants and criminal elements.
  • Reports & Statistics – We supply comprehensive weekly and monthly reports and statistics to keep the community informed of incidents and trends.
  • Communication, Security tips & Warnings – Community members are informed of risks and potential danger to ensure they act pro-actively to prevent incidents.
  • Home Security surveys – We offer safety & security surveys of homes and businesses within the area or community to assist residents to secure their properties. This may include fire risk as well as personal safety.
  • Security, Installation, and Repairs –We provide a wide range of security products & install & repair this equipment -  for example Alarms, Electric fencing, CCTV, Gate and Garage automation, access control keypads and intercoms.
  • Monitoring of Alarms, panics or other devices - We have our own signal monitoring facility to provide monitoring and alerts to receiving parties.

Products that we provide:

  • Cell phone panic – Static & Remote
  • Gate Buddy – Protects the residence’s main gate from breach & can provide some protection against driveway attacks either Hijacking or Home Invasions.
  • Alarms
  • Crime / Incident Facilitation Guide:  A brochure which allows the victims of crime to understand the process and provides all the contact details of authorities who would be required to activate trackers, cancel bank and credit cards etc.

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3Rd Party Products & Services:

  • Ambulance & paramedic services – We are linked to a service provider who will give us immediate medical assistance.
  • Trellis gates – From a supplier at very good rates.
  • Window & Glass repairs and fitment – We have service providers who will assist with the replacing of broken windows in your home.
  • Locksmith - We have service providers that can assist with the replacing of locks.
  • Vehicle Tracker sales & recovery – We work with a service provider who will give excellent service and rates. We also assist in the tracking of vehicles and assets.

We offer security installations and maintenance (Alarms, Outdoor Beams, Gate Motors, Intercoms, CCTV and Electric Fence installations. Armed response to members of Resident’s Associations or our safety & security package.

NEW Rates as of 1 June 2020

  • RA Area Response fee – R265.00
  • Area & Armed Response – R515.00
  • Area & Armed Response – Pensioner – R370.00
  • Area & Armed Response - Panic Only - R295
  • Safety Package - R125

These prices exclude the contracted Residential Association Areas and Town House complexes we work with.

Community Support Services is your one-stop safety and security provider.