Community Support Services provide pro-active Safety & Security to Communities, Residential areas or Residential complexes. We pro-actively monitor an area for criminal activity, suspicious persons and vehicles. We gather intelligence, profile gangs or syndicates to formulate pro-active measures to reduce crime in an area or community.

We also attend to municipal utilities by reporting problems to the relevant authorities and monitoring the repairs (sewerage and water leaks, potholes, street lights not working, etc). This ensures that the area is continuously maintained and improves property value for the community.

We provide crime scene management at all serious incidents and offer support and assistance to the families. We work closely with the Police Services and supply important information to assist in the apprehension of criminals.

We monitor or oversee the security service provider in your area to ensure that they are providing you a quality service and are informed of crime trends and risk areas.

We also provide to the community, a cell phone panic facility to call for assistance in times of need. We have a 24/7 contact number to report incidents and provide information.