Street Numbers

Street number are required as per City By laws and is applicable to all homes and properties in each and every suburb.

Please see below :

Vincent Mkhwanazi of the Corporate Geo-Informatics Department (CGI) says “…homeowners indeed are obligated by law to have a number on their house as per the Johannesburg Street Naming Policy and in terms of section 69 (1) and section 69 (2) of the Local Government Ordinance 17 of 1939.

A street number needs to be displayed for deliveries to the property, emergency services, council services and visitors. Should a number not be displayed, emergency services might not reach a property on time, deliveries might be dropped off at a neighbour, water or electricity could be cut off incorrectly and the homeowner could be fined R500….”, says Mkhwanazi.

Numbers need to be displayed on the street front from which entrance is gained to the property and numbers must not be smaller than 75mm in height