Thursday Thought Bulletin

Thursday Thought Bulletin



How much is your family worth ?

When considering security for your home, think like a criminal and not like a home owner.

  • A criminal has all the time in the world to plan his way into your home.
  • But upon triggering an alarm or being discovered, they have a very limited time to make their escape.
  • Make it difficult for criminals to make their escape as you can be sure that when they are planning their way in, they will also be planning their way out!
  • Ensure that your home has all round defense on the perimeter, not just on one or two walls.
  • Ensure that your home has some sort of detection device that will alert you to an intruder before they penetrate your bedrooms when you do not have perimeter detection.
  • Even better, ensure they are detected whilst still outside.
  • Ensure that if you are cornered, someone capable, like a Security company  is already on their way to help you.
  • All of these ideas can be achieved with some realistic planning and implementation.
  • If you want a reasonable financial target to spend on your families security, the following is a sensible calculation:
  • Take the value of your home (R1.0 million) + the value of the contents (R500k) = R1.5 million.
  • Spend an average of 1% of that per annum on security upgrades and armed response etc. = R15 000 PA. This amounts to R1250 per month.
  • Once your home is secure, the amount can be reduced but ensure that you upgrade as and when improvements are available, do not become complacent.
  • But whilst your home is vulnerable, this is a reasonable amount to spend to bring it up to a safe standard.
  • If that is too much to consider …… much is spent on ego items?
  • It’s your family and property, you do the calculation. 

Thanks to S I P- Security in Practise for this article!