Weekend Bulletin



Lookout for suspect people and or cars near your house or in the Street and report ;

Look for “criminal signs” ( Eishgalo) along Street front perimeter of your and adjoining properties and remove ;

Scissors, tools and things which can be used to cause injury are all safely locked away ;

Ladders, spades, garden forks and other possible “break-in tools” locked away out of sight ;

All outside gates and doors  including garage / washing room / toilet locked ;

All obvious “attractions” locked away (bicycles, motorbikes, laundry, etc);

All internal and external access doors and safety gates locked ;

No keys left in locks but in safe place out of sight but accessible ;

All curtains and blinds – drawn before switching on lights ;

No valuables close to windows and placed out of sight (laptops, cellphones, etc) ;

All doors leading from  rooms of which the windows do not have safety bars are locked or secured ;

Cell phones with emergency numbers on hand ;

Alarm system – outside beams/passive infrared  detectors  activated ;

Alarm panic remote – on hand ;

Weapons / firearms, if you use them – out of sight but within reach;

Outside lights and movement detector lights on ;

Flashlights , in working order and batteries charged, close by within reach ;

Car keys – close by if needed to find them quickly ;

All bathroom and toilet windows closed and secured.


Have a safe and enjoyable weekend !