What can you do to prevent ‘smash and grab’?


What is ‘Smash and Grab’?

A smash and grab usually plays on the element of speed and surprise and involves smashing through some sort of barrier (e.g. vehicle window) and grabbing something of value (e.g. jackets, handbags, laptops, etc).

9 Ways to prevent smash and grab incidents :

Step 01:
Always keep all doors locked.
Step 02:
Never open your windows or get into discussions with street vendors or anyone handing out flyers.
Step 03:
Do not leave your handbag, cellphone or anything of value in plain sight.
Step 04:
Always be conscious of your surroundings and remain alert when coming to an intersection or stopping your vehicle.
Step 05:
If it’s late at night, slow down well in advance so that the light changes green by the time you reach the intersection.
Step 06:
Keep an eye out for any obstacles on the road (e.g. tyres or rocks). Do not get out of your car to remove these.
Step 07:
Leave a gap between you and the car in front of you to give you room to escape (i.e. drive away from the scene), if anything should happen.
Step 08:
Be especially wary whenever you see broken glass lying on the road. If the pieces of glass are still scattered across the road, chances are that a smash and grab occurred just recently.
Step 09:
If you don’t have smash and grab film installed, leave your window open slightly (approximately 3 cm, but less than 5cm) whilst driving. This makes the glass more flexible and more resistant against shattering if they’re struck by a sharp object.