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Armed Response

Tactical Back-up Armed Response Teams 

Emergency Medical Assistance

Paramedic Medical Response 
– Own Medic & ER-24 

Fire Rescue

Fire & Rescue – (our own Fire Rescue vehicle 
in association with Fire Ops SA) 

Pro-active Patrols

Crime Control & Visibility

Area Utility Management

Monitoring & Reporting

Care Maintenance

We attend to unkept areas within the Community

our security services

Security, Installation and Repairs

We install & repair a variety of security products, including  Alarms, Electric fencing, CCTV, Gate and Garage automation.

Pro-active Crime Control & Visibility

We patrol the area in marked vehicles and monitor the vagrants, suspicious persons and vehicles

Armed response

We offer Armed response to members of Resident’s Associations or our safety & security package.

Reports & Statistics

We supply comprehensive weekly and monthly reports and statistics to keep the community informed of incidents and trends.

Ambulance & paramedic services

We are linked to a service provider who will give us immediate medical assistance.

Crime and Incident scene Management

We attend all serious and violent crime scenes within the dedicated area, and offer trauma counselling for those affected by the crime. 

Telegram Bot

Receive All Your Alarm Signals Via Telegram Bot and receive a free panic, fault reporting and test facility on your phone.

Telegram Communication 

Stay informed by joining our Telegram Communication group.

what we do

We pro-actively monitor an area for criminal activity, suspicious persons and vehicles. We gather intelligence, profile gangs or syndicates to formulate pro-active measures to reduce crime in an area or community. 

Once communities become members, we attend to municipal utilities by reporting problems to the relevant authorities and monitoring the repairs (sewerage and water leaks, potholes, street lights not working, etc). This ensures that the area is continuously maintained and improves property value for the community. We provide crime scene management at all serious incidents and offer support and assistance to the families. We work closely with the Police Services and the security service provider in your area. 

As members of Community Support Services, we provide the community with a 24/7 cell phone number to contact for any emergency and incidents. We are also linked to ER24 and can be contacted with regards to any medical emergency and will arrange for an ambulance or paramedics to be despatched to a medical emergency scene.

Exclusive to css members


Our Cell phone communication App is an interactive solution where one can access emergency response, technical assistance, account queries, operations, etc. 

Our App is managed through the Whatsapp platform so immediate response directed to specific divisions can be achieved. 

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The best by so far it's frightening! Angels in bullet proof vests. Keep it up every one there! It's nice to have a security company that actually cares. I would name names to say thanks but that wouldn't keep you guys safe. I've tried them all and no one comes close.
- Scott Leatherbarrow

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Our New CCTV & Alarm Link Initiative